The Road To Healing is Hard

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I have tried many ways to “cure” my health issues. Both modern and alternative medicine. The ONE thing I can say for sure, is that no singular treatment will work for everyone.

The path to healing a chronic illness is like mountain biking. You huff, puff, and slog your way up a hill, hit the crest and coast down laughing with the wind in your hair until you start all over again up another hill.

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It can be exhausting but liberating.

I found out how to really listen to my body, how to become my own health detective.

Because, unfortunately, despite all the healthy changes I’ve made, my chronic health issues can and do flare up.

But the point is, I’m not giving up. I’m not going to ignore it or cover it up with a pill or cream. And yes, I’ve gotten discouraged, depressed, and angry because if it isn’t one thing it’s another.

But I have a motto; There’s always a way and you’ll figure it out.

The way may be unconventional or hard, and I may resist at first. But it’s better than a empty void of hopelessness.

And just like my immune system is constantly battling things, I must also constantly help it battle things.

So heal on, friends. Heal on.

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