Organic, Biodegradable & Eco-Friendly Tampons and Pads

Disturbing News

This summer a couple of instances of whale carcass’s appearing along the shores of the San Francisco Bay made headline news. As if the death of such a magnificent animal isn’t sad enough, it was reported that marine biology scientists discovered some human garbage inside the stomach of one of the whales. Among the pieces of garbage were plastic tampon applicators.

“Are you kidding me?” I said to myself. I could not stop thinking about the fact that not only was human garbage found inside this poor whale’s stomach, there were dirty, used, plastic tampon applicators as well. It is not only disgusting and disturbing, but completely unnecessary!

A Call To Action

This post is a call to all the women of the world. I want to help spread the word that there are alternatives to plastic, chlorine laden, environmentally hazardous tampons and pads.

Of course for us girls, feminine products like tampons, pads and panty liners are one of modern life’s basic essentials, so skimping on a good quality product is something we try to avoid. Well I am here to tell you (in case you didn’t already know) that there are good quality environmentally friendly feminine products out there, and they are more easily accessible than ever before.

Mostly all women of child bearing age in today’s modern society use some sort of feminine product quite frequently. Whether it be tampons, pads or panty liners. So why haven’t the popular manufacturer’s of these essential products created and mass marketed products that are more human/eco-friendly? Usually the answer to that question is cost, both to the producer and the consumer. Sometimes the answer is demand. If the female’s of the world don’t demand more eco-friendly tampons and pads, producers aren’t going to make them.

My Discovery

Before I discovered a line of eco-friendly feminine products, the closest I came to using eco-friendly feminine products was through Tampax’s biodegradable cardboard applicator tampons. I was like every other girl inside the drugstore. I grabbed the most comfortable and popular feminine products and did not think about the impact these products were having on the environment. It was a matter of efficiency. A girl’s period is annoying enough, she does not want to constantly be thinking about which feminine products are the best. We just want something that works and is comfortable enough to almost make us forget we’re on our period in the first place.

This year I finally discovered a line of eco-friendly feminine products called Natracare. Their products are made from 100% organic, chlorine free, biodegradable cotton and the packaging, covers and wraps are also biodegradable. Thankfully, they work well too! They absorb like they’re suppose to, they feel comfortable and they don’t irritate sensitive skin.

Feminine Product Brand Comparisons

I first found Natracare in my local Whole Foods store but I have now discovered them online on Amazon or at Unfortunately I have found that the low price stores such as Target and Walmart do not yet carry any eco-friendly feminine products. The price difference between popular brands like Tampax or Kotex and the Natracare brand can be a bit off putting but is still reasonable, especially if you buy in bulk and especially considering how many feminine products we all throw out each month! Landfills must be full of this stuff!

Here is an average price comparison chart:

Tampax’s pearl line and Kotex’s U brand are surrounded by non biodegradable plastic (plastic applicators, plastic packaging etc).  Also, neither of those brands use all  organic cotton ingredients in their products which means you don’t know what exactly that tampon or pad is made of and what chemical it was treated with. If you’re still not sold on buying a human/environmentally friendly feminine product because of the price difference, consider at least using Tampax’s biodegradable applicator tampons. For those of you thinking of buying the other organic feminine care brand, Seventh Generation, please re-consider since many of their products are covered in unnecessary plastic packaging.

From Amazon

If you like the Natracare tampons, you can buy them in bulk (kind of like buying it from Costco) on here:

If you are interested in getting more than one box of the Natracare panty liners, Amazon has a good price here:

Search For a Variety of Natracare Products

If you prefer to try just one box of either the tampons or panty liners or their line of pads with wings, I have found very good prices and quality at this online retailer:

I included their search button on my page so you can search for any Natracare products from here.


So if you aspire to become more environmentally friendly as well as possibly reduce the toxins entering your own body each day, please consider buying eco-friendly feminine products such as the ones from Natracare. Too much of our non biodegradable waste is already clogging up our land and landing in the oceans.

You go girls!